Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Steven Klees notes that there's no reason at all to think that corporatist policies labeled as "pro-growth" will do anything to help the poor - and indeed ample reason for doubt they actually encourage growth anywhere other than for the already-wealthy. And the Economist finds that GDP growth in Africa has been almost entirely top-heavy, leaving many of the world's poorest people behind.

- Ehab Lotayek makes the case for a proportional electoral system where voters' actual preferences lead to representation, rather than one designed to spit out artificial majorities.

- Carol Goar points out that at least a modest version of a national pharmacare plan is both well within reach, and consistent with the Libs' election promises. And Reka Szekely reports on Oshawa's support for a pharmacare program.

- Emma Lui and Kaitlyn Mitchell write that the right to water and the protection of our environment should be top priorities for a new federal government.

- Jim Bronskill reports on the lack of accountability for CSIS' new foreign operations under Bill C-51. And David Christopher argues that the Libs need to repeal C-51 in its entirety, not merely tinker with the fine print.

- Finally, Sally Mahood highlights how the Wall government's plan to push private MRIs figures to encourage pay-for-play health care while restricting access for the people who need it most.

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