Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Jim Stanford, Iglika Ivanova and David MacDonald each highlight how there's far more to be concerned about in Canada's economy beyond the GDP dip alone. Both Thomas Walkom and the Star's editorial board write that it's clear the Cons have nothing to offer when it comes to trying to improve on our current stagnation, while Balbulican notes that the Cons' economic message amounts to little more than denial. And David Climenhaga calls out the laughable attempt by Alberta's right wing to shield Stephen Harper from blame for a decade of failed federal economic policy while declaring the NDP to bear full and sole responsibility for a province it's only governed since May.

- Gillian Steward explains why B.C.'s First Nations are wary of the Northern Gateway pipeline. 

- Michele Biss argues that we can best combat poverty with a rights-based approach. And Mark Lemstra, Marla Rogers, and John Moraros study the connection between low incomes and heart disease.

- Kady O'Malley takes an interesting look at the types of basic information requests which have been met with no response whatsoever from the federal government. And Elizabeth Thompson exposes the Cons' proclamation of dozens of secret Orders in Council which serve no purpose but to prevent anybody from holding the government to account.

- Finally, Marc Spooner laments the commoditization of post-secondary education as audit culture replaces any interest in new or creative forms of education and research.

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