Tuesday, September 08, 2015


On the one hand, there's what Canadian voters actually want...
(N)early 60 per cent of respondents support the idea of two or more parties forming a coalition government, if no party gains a majority of seats in October’s election.
And this:
By a margin of almost two-to-one, the voters of today would send Mr. Harper packing in favour of a coalition.
And this:
More than two-thirds of Liberal and NDP supporters favour the idea of the parties forming a coalition in the event of a Conservative minority in the Oct. 19 election, according to a new poll by Forum Research.
Of Liberal supporters surveyed, 68 per cent support a coalition, while 75 per cent of NDPers favour the idea –– about half of all Canadian voters.
And on the other hand, there's what Justin Trudeau is pretending we want:
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says his party is always open to working with other parties on passing legislation, but he believes Canadians aren't looking for coalition government at this point.

When asked about the possibility of joining forces with the New Democrats to take power from the Conservatives, Trudeau said on Tuesday that "Canadians aren't interested in formal coalitions."
No word yet on what two-thirds of his own party's supporters should be considered if not "Canadians". But if Trudeau is going this far out of his way to mislead people as to what they want from their parties now, we have all the more reason to doubt that he'll be any more accurate or honest if he gets to decide who governs in a minority Parliament.

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