Thursday, June 25, 2015

The abyss calling the kettle black

I've previously written that the Libs tend to be entirely incoherent when they can't make any claim to votes by default - and that the lead in the polls earned by Tom Mulcair and the NDP raised a real possibility that would happen again.

But I'll readily acknowledge that this goes far beyond my expectations.

Yes, for those scoring along at home: the federal leader of the Liberal Party is trying to score political points by noting another federal leader's past association with a Liberal Party.

I suppose that's one way to take "they're all the same" messaging to a ludicrous extreme. (And heck, it even applies to Stephen Harper as well.) But if having once joined the Libs is a problem, surely voters will take the cue not to make that mistake now.


  1. Anonymous11:11 p.m.

    It can be argued the the NDP is now electable because they are acting like more centrist liberals. So then it does point to "they're all the same" at least a little.

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