Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- PressProgress weighs in on corporate Canada's twelve-figure tax avoidance, while noting that the Cons' decision to slash enforcement against tax cheats (while attacking charities instead) goes a long way toward explaining the amount of money flowing offshore. And Oxfam is working on its own Canadian fair tax campaign.

- Robert Frank highlights the complete disconnect from reality which results in most American millionaires claiming that they're in the middle class, rather than representing a privileged few. And Stephen Gordon writes that there's a similar sleight of hand at work in the Libs' "middle class tax cut" which in fact primarily benefits those just short of the top of Canada's income scale.

- Ray Whitaker explains why oversight wouldn't do anything to improve the abuses we should expect under the Cons' terror bill. Alison highlights the pitiful excuses the Libs continue to offer for signing on to C-51. And Amanda Connolly notes that the Cons aren't even waiting for the ink to dry on C-51 before ramming still more powers to arbitrarily restrict Canadians' movements into a budget bill.

- Meanwhile, Jorge Barrera reports on how the RCMP is already treating activist movements in its decision to pathologize Idle No More.

- Finally, Michael Harris discusses why the Cons have every reason to be concerned - and the rest of us can be optimistic - about the NDP's Alberta election victory.

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