Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- PressProgress exposes the Cons' utter detachment from the realities facing Canadian workers. And Kevin Page, Stephen Tapp and Gary Mason all expose their balanced-budget legislation as being at best a distraction tactic, and at worst an incentive for governments to do exactly what they shouldn't when the economy needs a boost from fiscal policy.

- Lu Wang reports on the ever-increasing gap between salaries and stock returns. Kaylie Tiessen points out the gap between the actual wages paid to far too many low-income workers, and the living wage required to get by in Toronto. And thwap highlights the choice we face between inclusive democracy and elitist capitalism - with the latter all too often forming the basis for policy choices.

- But as Scott Santens writes, a basic income could address many of the problems facing workers both in terms of making ends meet, and exercising personal rights and freedoms. 

- John Cartwright laments the spread of a two-tiered work structure designed to strip wages and benefits away from younger workers. Chris Kirkham and Tiffany Hsu write about the difficulty employees face trying to recoup their losses at the hands of employers who violate labour standards.

- The CDC examines the link between income and sleep as just another example of the greater difficulties facing lower-income citizens.

- Finally, Justin Ling reports that after being exposed to public scrutiny, the Cons' terror bill is now looking thoroughly unpopular.

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