Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#wwtp Referendum Roundup

A few links and notes as Regina's wastewater referendum approaches tomorrow.

- Jason Hammond explains that his Yes vote will be based largely on concerns about the City's dishonesty and sense of entitlement in trying to push through a P3 model. And Paul Dechene provides the full list of City shenanigans throughout the referendum process.

- That is, until today - when Vanessa Brown revealed that the City is using a U.S. PR firm with a "passion (for) helping Republican candidates, elected officials, and conservative causes" - presumably to help it offer the level of accuracy and principle we've come to expect from that party. (h/t to Leftdog)

-But interestingly enough, at least some people on the No side also seem perfectly happy to have voters make their decision based on the question of whether they have complete and utter faith in the current City Council and administration.

- Finally, Erin Weir nicely exposes and shreds the City talking points being recycled by far too many local columnists.

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