Thursday, July 18, 2013

New column day

Here, on what the Cons' response to the Lac-Mégantic rail explosion says about their wider concern (or lack thereof) for the safety of Canadians.

For further reading...
- My earlier posts addressing Con-style arguments from Andrew Coyne are here and here.
- Andrew Griffith's book excerpt on the difference between political and official decision-making is here, and is discussed by Susan Delacourt here.
- CTV reports on growing frustration in Lac-Mégantic itself, while the ever-community-minded MMA is laying off staff and covering up the exact amount of oil it spilled.
- Finally, a couple of reports nicely highlight the distinction between a narrow response to Lac-Mégantic and broader questions about risk: while Kim Mackrael notes that rail operators including CN are making a public show of addressing their rules on unattended trains, the Province finds CN barging ahead with a plan to eliminate on-site staff from rail bridges.

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