Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Deep thought

Boy, this would seem like a great opportunity for anybody truly concerned about government interference in a fulsome political debate to make the case for freedom of speech. We could even label that hero with a pithy term like "free speech warrior". Now if only such a person existed.


  1. Anonymous4:19 p.m.

    Canada is in a Dictatorship. Your Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken away. Democracy in Canada is vanishing. Our Human Rights are being eroded. Freedom of Speech, is the last thing a Dictator permits.

    Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, were all paranoid. They grabbed control of radio and newspaper's. That is key number one, to Dictators. Their dastardly deeds, must not get out to the public. Propaganda machines controlled all of their media.

    Harper is no different, from those other paranoid Dictators. The media, courts, judges, police, Elections Canada, Scientists, his M.P's nothing goes anywhere. Everything has to go through Harper first. Those who oppose Harper's corruption, soon vanish off the radar.

    All Dictators, are very abusive to their people.

  2. Anonymous7:34 a.m.

    To all,

    The Conservatives lob grenades at your cherished institutions and threaten your allies...because they face no deterrent.

    They live with the comforting knowledge that even if cyclical change forces them out of office...the opposition will never go after their cherished institutions and allies.

    Hence, when they eventually return to office...they will merely continue their attacks from wherever they left off.

    The obvious result of this process is that you continue to get weaker & weaker...while they retain their strength or perhaps even increase it.

    The only solution is to prepare a crippling and merciless legislative retaliation against their cherished institutions and allies. When the inevitable cyclical change-of-government occurs, these Conservative thinktanks & institutions must experience comparable amounts of pain & persecution.

    Such an experience will lead the Conservatives to realize the life-preserving values of empathy & tolerance.

    Dan Tan