Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor report that the Council of Canadians is leading the charge in challenging election results which may have been influenced by Robocon. And perhaps the most noteworthy point as to how the move may shine a spotlight on the Cons' black ops is this:
The organization hopes that it can use its lawsuit to discover the volume of deceptive or fraudulent calls in other ridings, by convincing a judge to order phone carriers to turn over records showing how many calls were placed into each riding from numbers associated with suspicious calls.
- Chantal Hebert concludes that Thomas Mulcair is off to a great start as NDP leader.

- And a stream of news about the Cons' utter incompetence isn't hurting matters - as CBC reports Harper and company have known for years that the F-35s they insist on buying don't actually meet the needs of Canada's military, while Pauline Tam notes that they did nothing in the face of four years advance warning of the prescription drug shortages now hitting Canadians directly. All of which should offer all the more reason for suspicion about the Cons' latest plans to gut public protection against ill-advised corporate plans.

- Finally, Paul Krugman writes about the American Legislative Exchange Council and its efforts to take over the normal role of legislators by substituting hard-right boilerplate laws.

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