Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Heather Scoffield gives far too much credence to the Cons' spin on what their focus group results mean. But her report offers what may be the most definitive indication yet that the Cons' ideology bears absolutely no resemblance to what Canadians actually want:
The report says respondents were generally supportive of the government's deficit-reduction efforts, but were somewhat skeptical of the government's time frame. They were also adamant that deficit reduction should not be at the cost of funding for health care.

They showed little appetite for more tax cuts.
- Meanwhile, Michael Goldberg, Steve Kerstetter and Seth Klein point out another attempt by the Cons to redefine away the real issue of poverty in Canada.

- The Cons' online surveillance legislation has given rise to plenty of backlash, with John Ibbitson, the Vancouver Province and Lawrence Martin all weighing in. And Sarah Schmidt catches the Cons trying to politicize their bill on the fly.

- Finally, Marc Laferriere sums up the impact of Romeo Saganash on the NDP's leadership race - and his anticipated role in the years to come.

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