Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Chris Selley points out the absurdity of Ontario's Libs and PCs both running away from the idea of a coalition just as needlessly as their federal counterparts. But let's remember that since the NDP spoke up for the idea of a coalition federally, the Libs were entirely comfortable taking a supporting role - so if Ontario's election produces relatively similar seat totals for the three main parties, might the NDP's willingness to consider a coalition actually give it the upper hand in forming government?

- The Cons are finding out the hard way that the type of evidence-free bluster that sustains their own party doesn't get very far with the likes of Elections Canada. And the NDP is nicely pushing back against the obvious implications of the Cons' central message control.

- Murray Mandryk notes that the Sask Party's determination to pick fights with Saskatchewan workers is leading to just as much posturing and bullying with unions who try to avoid conflict as with ones who are up for the challenge - leaving little reason for workers to take the former path.

- Finally, Andrew Jackson comments on Canada's shaky economic fundamentals - with a particular focus on how the trade-at-all-costs agenda pushed by the Cons and Libs alike has undermined our balance of payments compared to our international competitors.

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