Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On strong opinions

The CUPE/Environics poll showing massive public support for improvements to the Canada Pension Plan has received a reasonable amount of of attention. But it's well worth highlighting exactly what more than three-quarters of respondents agreed with:
There has been talk about expanding the Canada Pension Plan [RRQ/QPP for Quebec respondents] to help people save more for retirement. The CPP covers almost all workers. The amount that individual workers and employers pay into the plan would increase slowly over the next several years to provide higher retirement benefits from the CPP. Generally speaking do you support or oppose increasing Canada Pension Plan benefits. Is that strongly or somewhat?

Total support: 76%
In other words, the poll didn't phrase support for an expanded CPP in terms of voluntary individual supplements or other half-measures. Instead, it directly asked about improved benefits for all CPP recipients, and made explicit note of the resulting need to pay more into the plan. But even with that cost made clear, an overwhelming majority of respondents viewed the idea positively.

So the poll's results are actually even stronger than they look at first glance. And both the Cons and Libs would be well served to take note that Canadians are so strongly in favour of making sure that all CPP recipients enjoy a more secure retirement.

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