Thursday, January 06, 2011

Nicely done

I seldom hesitate to criticize media outlets which are too eager to report Con spin as news even when there's no reason to think it has any basis in reality. So full credit to the CP for treating the Cons' unsupported assertions about their website rule-breaking with due skepticism:
The Harper government claims a senior bureaucrat gave it the go-ahead to avoid the rules governing the look and feel of its Economic Action Plan website.

But the Conservatives are declining to provide documentary evidence of the exemption, which does not appear among hundreds of pages of memos, drafts and emails obtained by The Canadian Press under an Access to Information Act request that took more than a year to process.
Day's office and the Prime Minister's Office did not respond to requests Wednesday and Thursday to produce the d'Auray document.

Without documentary evidence, the government assertion falls into the same category as previous claims that Statistics Canada bureaucrats recommended the abolition of the mandatory long-form census last spring. The head of StatsCan subsequently resigned in protest, and the "recommendation" proved to be merely a non-preferred option.
(Edit: fixed typo.)

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