Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday...

- While I certainly won't agree with the more pointed attacks on the Greens' proposal to ban political TV ads, I'll raise the same point I did when it came to ten-per-centers. With the Cons firmly in control of so many advertising and communication resources, does it really make sense to cut into any of the few media where the opposition parties have any hope of getting their message out?

- Meanwhile, for those looking for useful communications tools, NUPGE's All Together Now site has some handy message suggestions. (Though hopefully it'll evolve to include a full set of value-based words and phrases for use other contexts in addition to the current one-liners.)

- Paul Krugman is all too right in highlighting a comment as to exactly what it is that the markets want. But while the idea might well make for a low-cost way of appeasing the financial sector as it stands, shouldn't it also serve as reason to question whether the market actually is always right?

- I suppose it's for the best that Brian Lilley is willing to report the obvious from Kevin Page. But does it really take the Parliamentary Budget Officer's intervention to get a QMI reporter to acknowledge that tax cuts mean less government revenue?

- Finally, get your popcorn ready: KAIROS isn't taking its funding cuts lying down, and the Cons' response should make for some quality entertainment.

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