Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Well said

Quebec Solidaire's Amir Khadir nicely compares the style of politics that's worked remarkably well for him with what we've become all too accustomed-to elsewhere:
How does a radical agitator like you end up being the most popular member of the most establishment of Quebec institutions? One pundit even pronounced you “rookie legislator of the year.”

Well, it was actually quite easy. There is a very cynical political culture that has been entrenched for a long time, and it’s (sic) most pure incarnation can be found in the Harper government. It’s a culture that incorporates and demands low blows, lies as modus operandi and offers mealy-mouthed evasion when one wants to avoid the lie. Just by avoiding that trap, by giving myself the freedom to speak, which most people don’t have, by acting out of a little good faith and sincerity, I look like something unusual. It seems to me it should be the norm.

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