Monday, May 10, 2010

Truly embarrassing

Yes, that's our Prime Minister trying to rewrite history even as it unfolds:
Harper noted the problems flowing out of the debt crisis in Greece, which have led to jittery markets and concerns that the economies of other countries will also be dragged down, are not rooted in the financial sector itself.

“I don’t think we should forget that the primary crisis here, the fundamental crisis, is not in the financial sector. It is in the finances of certain governments,” said Harper.
So what about the global recession that Harper eventually acknowledged after denying its existence through the last election campaign? Or the private-sector financial meltdown that required hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts, while toppling the dominoes that led to Greece's crisis?

In Harper's world, they've apparently been officially unhappened. Which frees him up to point the finger at a single government whose greatest mistake was probably its willingness to accept too much of the corporate-first dogma that Harper is once again peddling, while serving as the world's primary defender of financial-sector greed.

Hopefully Harper's complete disconnect from reality will send a signal to the rest of the world's leaders that he shouldn't be taken seriously in his crusade to keep governments on the hook for future financial meltdowns. But the fact that Harper has somehow managed to write any financial-sector problems out of his version of history - and plans to rule accordingly - looks to make it far more likely that Canada will be at the epicentre next time.

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