Sunday, May 30, 2010

Take two

Yesterday, Jack Layton suggested that the opposition parties use the fact that the Cons won't want to see a vote of non-confidence before next month's international summits as an opportunity to press for better policies than they'd have on offer otherwise. That might be limited to slowing down or diverting some of the garbage tossed into the Cons' dumpster bill - or with a strong opposition push, it might well mean getting some genuinely positive policy put in place as the price of allowing Stephen Harper his much-sought-after photo ops. (How about, say, getting the Climate Change Accountability Act through the Senate?)

Since Layton made the suggestion, I've seen plenty of Libs respond by labelling it a stunt or by criticizing Layton's wording. But I've seen exactly zero consider the possibility on its merits.

So let's put the idea out there again. Is there some reason why the opposition parties in general (or the Libs in particular) wouldn't try to get some results with the leverage that comes from the Cons wanting to avoid an election? And if not, then what can they work together to get done?

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