Sunday, November 15, 2009

On priorities

When it comes to diplomats performing their duties trying to build Canada's reputation and make connections abroad, the Cons apparently aren't the least bit interested in making sure they have enough resources to do their jobs. So if a Canadian embassy is reduced to begging for food to promote Canada in the world's most populous country (and all for want of less than $10 million in slashed program money), that's entirely in keeping with the Harper government's view of diplomacy.

But that's not to say at least some of Stephen Harper's international priorities won't be thoroughly funded. Turn the discussion to the international community's desire to cooperate to fight climate change, and the Cons apparently have unlimited resources to dedicate to throwing wrenches into the works (and deflecting any PR fallout from that course of action).

So cooperation and reputation-building are beneath the Cons' funding, while blatant obstructionism is seen as worth whatever public money the Cons can think to throw at it. And while there's unfortunately been far too much return on the latter expense as the Cons seem to have succeeded in spreading the view that the potential for a new climate change deal in Copenhagen will go unrealized, it's certainly worth asking whether many Canadians actually share Harper's choice of priorities.

h/t to impolitical.

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