Saturday, June 27, 2009

No longer a fourth-class citizen - now all the way up to third class

It's undoubtedly great news that Abousfian Abdelrazik has finally made it back to Canada. But CTV rightly notes that while the worst may be over, the Kafkaesque traps for Abdelrazik and anybody seeking to improve his circumstances are far from a thing of the past:
Abdelrazik's troubles will likely continue in Canada as he continues to be on a UN terror list, which bars him from working or receiving financial assistance.

"The persecution and the injustice here are going to continue," said Attaran.

While Maher Arar received millions in compensation from the Canadian government for being unjustly labelled as a terror threat, Abdelrazik has yet to indicate he will seek damages from Ottawa, said Attaran.

In fact, the government may seek compensation from Abdelrazik for the food and medicine he consumed during his stay at the Canadian Embassy in Sudan, said Attaran.
So after the Cons made nonsensical excuses to keep Abdelrazik stranded, would it surprise anybody if they try to keep him from either living normally or speaking out about his ordeal by labeling any move toward those ends as prohibited assistance?

Update: pogge has more.

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