Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well said

Scott Piatkowski goes to town on the real problem with the Libs under Michael Ignatieff:
With the Liberals’ cavalier abandonment of the promising coalition arrangement of last November, the NDP can also point out that Ignatieff had a practical alternative to the equally unpleasant options of leaving Harper in office and forcing the fourth federal election campaign in five years.

Instead of taking that option, Ignatieff chose to position himself as Dion 2.0 -- claiming to be opposed to the Conservative agenda, while actively ensuring that it gets implemented in every detail. The Liberals think that all they needed was a new face; what they actually need is a new spine.
Of course, at least some Lib supporters have naturally responded with mock outrage that an NDP writer could possibly find the slightest bit of truth in a message that originates with Stephen Harper. Which leads one to wonder where that same outrage was back when the Libs decided to run with the Cons' obviously-false "didn't read the budget" line in the interest of deflecting from their own embarrassment in propping up the Harper government.

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