Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On self-contradiction

Sometimes, one has to wonder whether the Cons' ever-changing, ever-contradictory messages are less a matter of perceived partisan advantage than a simple form of amusement to see just what they can get away with. This is one of those times:
"The projects we undertake as stimulus must be immediate, they must happen quickly, otherwise there's no point in doing them, there's no point in stimulating the economy when the economy starts to recover," Flaherty said.
That's right: the same Finance Minister whose fiscal update last month put off any stimulus until well into next year - and who just days ago was demanding time before he'd even consider making any decisions - is now lecturing Canadians on the dangers of not investing immediately in the stimulus which Flaherty himself is delaying. And even that only manages to rank as the Cons' second-most glaring self-contradiction of the day.

At this point, I'm not sure there's any way for reports on any single issue to accurately capture the sheer gall involved in the Cons' reversals. But there should be little doubt that there's every reason to look forward to a government which won't suffer from the same degree of aversion to reality.

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