Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Following up on this post, it's worth asking just what the Cons think they're accomplishing with their pattern of trying to wipe out their previous messaging.

After all, I'd think that "natural governing party" title which the Cons seem to covet would require the development of some broadly recognized history and continuity. Which is no easy task - and indeed is bound to be an area of weakness for a party which didn't exist at the start of this decade.

But the Cons only seem to be making that process all the more difficult by reinventing themselves every year and a half in often contradictory ways, then trying to send everything they professed to stand for beforehand down the memory hole. And if the Cons don't think they can afford to let Canadians develop any kind of consistent impression of them, what does that say about their chances of somehow making the "default government" label stick?

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