Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh, the outrage!

So it turns out that two political parties who campaigned against the Cons actually had the nerve to discuss how to react if Harper went too far? Cue the Robocons: Socialists! Separatists! Despicable! Treasonous! How dare anybody but Harper even consider playing chess, let alone beat him at his own game!

If anything, I'd think it's a great sign that Layton not only recognized the potential to work on some of the opposition parties' common ground long before the last week's developments, but was able to work with the Bloc from the top to put a coalition structure in place. And the fact that the coalition isn't merely an immediate creation should put to rest any concerns about it being hastily assembled or less than fully thought out.

Instead, it's exactly the type of contingency plan which the opposition parties needed to have in place to deal with a power-mad Harper. And since any change in Harper's immediate message will do nothing to change his underlying pathology, there's every reason to keep building on what Layton and Duceppe were able to put in place.

Update: More from impolitical.

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