Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for some answers

Needless to say, Stephane Dion's statement that the Green Shift carbon tax scheme isn't a major part of the Libs' platform - and more damningly, that it's only the media who's attempted to make it so - is one which demands some further investigation.

After all, how is it that the media managed to hack into the Libs' party site to make the Green Shift the lone policy issue given a heading of its own, on par with "candidates" and "vision" as part of the Libs' public message?

How is it that the media set up a separate site and branding strategy for a policy which isn't different from any other? Or did the media manage to shut down Lib sites set up for the rest of their policies which are on the same, non-major level? Should we be keeping a close eye on, say,,, or (all based on Lib platform announcements today) to see if those sites can be restored?

And how did the media manage to infiltrate Dion's own mind to make the plan alone Dion' basis for celebrating his own "bold vision and courageous leadership"?

Presumably Dion and his team are hard at work trying to work out answers to just these kinds of questions. And if that takes their time away from the ongoing federal election, then all the better for the chances of the rest of the campaign producing a counterweight to Harper who doesn't run away from his principles at the first sign of resistance.

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