Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stranger than satire

After all the Cons' attempts to throw roadblocks in the way of the Ethics Committee this week, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that for all of the Bush administration's illegal activities, the Cons have turned out to be far more successful students of small-time scam artistry than their ideological cousins to the south.

Just last month, I considered it a joking matter to suggest that Bushco would end up trying to avoid its legal responsibilities by dodging service of documents. But after a mere couple of years in office, Harper's crew has already managed to sink to that level - while matching the Bush administration in its belief that even a summons or subpoena properly served can be ignored on a whim. And indeed, the Cons haven't even tried to hide behind "executive privilege" to make the latter claim.

Of course, it remains an open question whether Canadians want their leaders' successes to come in the area of evading legal obligations. And with any luck, the Cons' current leadership will find themselves back in their natural field of snake oil sales before long.

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