Saturday, August 09, 2008

The long view

In addition to providing an interesting look at the impending battle for Vancouver Centre, Barbara Yaffe also offers a strong indication that Michael Byers looks to play a prominent role within the NDP and the Canadian political scene far into the future:
Michael Byers, 41-year old bilingual UBC political scientist, lawyer, author, human rights advocate, expert in international law, will be acclaimed as NDP candidate on Aug. 17. The riding -- which has never gone NDP -- "fits me like a glove. I intend to represent Vancouver Centre in Ottawa, whether it's this election or next."
Byers' plan to push forward even through multiple election campaigns should put the final nail in the coffin of the laughable Lib assertion that Byers' choice of parties was based on some sense of entitlement to an easy ride rather than a realistic evaluation of the parties' merits.

But it also offers NDP supporters all the more reason for optimism that Byers and other high-profile recruits are looking at far more than just the next election campaign. And with that multi-year focus contrasted against Cons who are in over their heads trying to information from week to week and Libs who can't even keep their focus long enough to hold a strategy meeting, the NDP looks to have a strong chance to position itself for some major long-term gains.

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