Monday, March 31, 2008

Playing defence

The Hill Times notes that at least some Lib MPs are finally raising a cry that it's time to go to the polls. But if there was any hope that the Libs were prepared to actually challenge the Cons even if they do force an election, the article offers yet another indication to the contrary:
Dion is intensifying his training for political debates (in fact he had always refused to participate to the training) and other activities to prepare for a federal election.

For example, last week the Liberals sent organizers from Ottawa to Toronto to coordinate electoral activities within ethnic communities, particularly Asian communities. The initiative was welcomed with some sarcasm by a Toronto Member of Parliament: "With all ethnic MPs in Toronto, the last thing we need is paid organizers from Ottawa."
While the Toronto MP's frustration is understandable from the standpoint of what's likely to be successful even in the targeted ridings, there's another more important point at play. After all, if the Libs are in such a state of disarray that they're just now getting around to organizing even their most solid bases of support, then there's virtually no prospect that they'll be in a position to go on the offensive against Harper.

Of course, the fact that the Libs seem to be planning only to cut their losses may explain their reluctance to face the voters. But if even the Libs themselves don't think they can stop the Cons, then it's long past time for Canadians to take a closer look at a party which aspires to do more than just save its own skin while allowing the Cons to keep imposing their reactionary agenda.

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