Tuesday, March 04, 2008


From a trivia standpoint, I'm curious as to whether there's any precedent for the vote result on the Libs' budget amendment yesterday.

In particular, when was the last time any matter which was seen as important enough to raise in the House of Commons received only 7 "yea" votes?

Has it ever happened for an official party position of the Official Opposition - or a party with more than 50 (or even 20) seats?

And when was the last time a party who didn't abstain completely had more MPs participate in a debate than actually bother to vote?

Update: One other point of interest from my end. Votes in the House of Commons are dealt with by voice rather than recorded votes unless 5 or more members stand to request that yeas and nays be counted. And I'm curious as to who it was that stood to put numbers behind what was already a "nay" result: did the Libs themselves want to record their meager presence, or did members from other parties ask for a standing vote on an issue they'd already won?

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