Monday, January 28, 2008

On understandings

Joe at Owls and Roosters points out the hypocrisy involved in the Sask Party's decision to take the axe to non-partisan career civil servants to make way for their own cronies after a decade of decrying any trace of partisanship in the civil service. But it's worth noting that deputy premier Ken Krawetz has already offered a truly pathetic explanation for the about-face:
When asked about the Sask. Party's criticism in Opposition of politically connected hiring, (Krawetz) said, "I have been made aware of many things I have said over the last 12 years that may have changed slightly as I have matured, as I have come to understand politics."
Of course, the real story looks to be just the first of many issues where the Sask Party's public stance for the past few years couldn't be further from its actual intentions. But the more the truth comes out about Saskatchewan's Rapidly Aging Government, the more likely Saskatchewan voters are to want to be able to change their own minds about putting the Sask Party in charge.

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