Monday, August 27, 2007


CTV reports on the latest Strategic Counsel polling. But while the article goes out of its way to paint a positive picture for the Cons, one number jumps out as a sure sign of serious trouble for Deceivin' Stephen:
When asked if Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a leader who keeps his election promises, 35 per cent of Quebecers agreed, compared to 16 per cent across Canada.
Now, even the 35 per cent figure in Quebec is hardly anything to write home about. But the abysmal 16% number across Canada suggests that a massive majority of respondents across the country have recognized that Harper can't be trusted. Which means that when the Cons try to put together their next election platform, Canadians will know better than to believe a word they say...and figure to be far more likely to throw their support elsewhere as a result.

Update: Based on the detailed poll results, the numbers cited were actually net ones (i.e. the difference between degrees of agreeing and disagreeing) - which means that Harper is apparently trusted more than he'd deserve to be. But based on the numbers as a whole (11% "strongly agree", 42% "somewhat agree", 19% "somewhat disagree", 19% "strongly disagree") it does seem clear that Canadians who already distrust Deceivin' Stephen don't figure to change their minds, while there's room for those who give Harper the benefit of the doubt to be swayed.

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