Thursday, May 17, 2007

On the verge

Apparently the Cons' list of committees to obstruct missed a rather important one, with the result that the NDP's Early Learning and Child Care Act has made it through committee and figures to pass in the House of Commons before too long:
NDP Child Care Act passes at committee

Amid a growing crisis facing ordinary parents and working families, there is now light at the end of the tunnel for the passage of the NDP’s Early Learning and Child Care Act. Bill C-303 passed second reading last fall and has been studied for the last three weeks at the Standing Committee on Human Resources and Social Development...

If passed, Bill C-303 would enshrine principles that federal dollars spent on child care would have to follow. Key among them is that provinces be accountable for federal child care investments and show that the money is being spent according to the law.
With only one vote in the Commons left to go, the biggest question now is whether the child care bill will get caught up in the Senate. But there doesn't appear to be much reason for obstruction from the upper chamber when the Libs in the House of Commons have supported the bill and the principles involved are relatively similar to those already applied under the Canada Health Act.

Which means that with far too little fanfare, the NDP (with the help of the other opposition parties) may be on the verge of a major legislative accomplishment in a Parliament which has clearly required some delicate navigation. And hopefully C-303 won't be the last bill the opposition parties put in place to mandate better government than the Cons want to deliver.

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