Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adding to the list

Politics Watch isn't far off what the Cons' general House of Commons strategy would look like if it was put on paper. But let's add one of the more important principles which the Cons have followed consistently:

Truth doesn't matter - what's important is to say what you want heard.

This holds true whether you don't know the facts on a subject, or know what they are when they're against you. Either way, the strategy is to deal with any question or conversation only on ground which helps the party most politically.

If a subject under discussion is one that the party wants to avoid, then simply change the subject entirely - preferably with something inflammatory that will ensure that the headline is on more favourable ground. (See #3 for a specific example with regard to Afghanistan.)

And if it's important to be seen caring about the subject, then make a strong statement of fact which would support Conservative policies if true. At best, nobody will bother to check; at worst, most people will tune out over a factual debate, so that your initial statement will get more attention than anything refuting your claim.

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