Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Grudging progress

For those wondering what it would take for the Cons to at least pretend to listen to anybody who doesn't share their ideology, we now have an answer. After a year in power, an utter flop of a Clean Air Act which was itself delayed for supposed consultations, two leadership races and a byelection which made clear that the environment isn't going to be easily dismissed, and public prodding from the Cons' own party godfather, the PMO is finally willing to meet with environmental groups to discuss greenhouse gas emissions.

But in case there was any doubt whose interests the Cons have in mind, the explicit purpose of the meetings is to "beef up the government's record heading in to a key winter session". Which makes it all too likely that even these meetings will lead to more hot air from the Cons rather than any action which isn't forced on them by the opposition parties.

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