Sunday, January 07, 2007

Content choices

Has anybody else noticed that Canoe's main news page has apparently eliminated its "Politics" heading in favour of a "War On Terror" link consisting (predictably) mostly of cheerleading for the status quo in Afghanistan?

So far the only cache I've been able to find is one from 2005. But as recently as last week I recall seeing the Politics heading, although it had been poorly updated for quite some time. And the Politics link still appears to be online, though Canoe's main news page no longer links to it.

While there's a minor loss of convenience now that Canoe is no longer doing anything to highlight political news, that's not too much of a problem for somebody who's willing to look elsewhere for the stories (particularly given that Macleans has separated out politics stories from its CP feed for some time). But when that move is coupled with a conscious choice to add a new category whose very title is pure Bush/Harper spin, Canoe can only be seen as trying to push public attention away from everything else going on in Canada toward the Cons' favoured turf.

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