Saturday, December 23, 2006


Calgary Grit discusses the lessons to be drawn from Paul Wells' new book:
I think the main lesson to be taken from the book is that the Scouts have been on to something with their "Be Prepared" motto. After reading the book, you get the sense is that the Tories lost in 2004 because they just weren't ready to fight a campaign. In 2006, it was the Liberals who weren't prepared for an early election whereas the CPC had a tightly choreographed campaign down to the hour...until the last two weeks when Harper ran out of messaging and things went sour, likely costing him a majority. Liberals eager for a spring non-confidence vote would be wise to remember what happens to parties who are rushed into elections.
Meanwhile, the National Post points out just how effective Stephane Dion's current logistical team looks at the moment:
Reporters arriving at the posh downtown Toronto Club for (Dion's) scheduled meeting with business leaders were informed by a much put-upon concierge that the Liberal leader was in fact meeting them at First Canadian Place, a few blocks away. "On the fourth floor I'm told. We've had some inquiries," he said. The receptionist at the bustling banking centre did not know Mr. Dion's whereabouts and a call to the Liberal leader's office was met with apologetic confusion. "He's not there? That explains why we've been getting calls," said the unidentified staff member...

Mr. Dion's next appearance with Chinese media at a mall in Markham faced similar troubles. A greeting party at the Markham Chinese Cultural Centre waited patiently before sending out a rescue party to find the absent leader, eventually locating him wandering through the mall's labyrinth of Chinese restaurants, knick-knack shops and bubble tea stands looking for the centre's storefront office with a bemused expression on his face. "Who is that?" asked the owner of a small Chinese grocery as Mr. Dion was guided past by local Liberal MP John McCallum. "Fanny? Fanny who?"
The public may indeed see Dion as a blank canvas so far. But the available picture to date doesn't suggest that he and his team are anywhere near ready for presentation - and that may be a tough image for Dion to erase in time for Canada's next trip to the polls.


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