Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beyond belief

Rona Ambrose was rightly slammed when she claimed Canada would meet all its Kyoto commitments except the emissions targets which form the central part of the agreement. But apparently even that was too much for the Cons to abide, as Ambrose has now decided to declare that Canada's financial commitments under the Kyoto process also don't count rather than admitting an obvious error.

Mind you, even if one were to buy today's explanation, it wouldn't actually explain Ambrose's testimony yesterday in any event. After all, there's a difference between stating that money has actually been paid as Ambrose apparently did yesterday, and claiming that no money was ever owed to begin with. But then, Ambrose has shown quite clearly just how credible her public statements tend to be - leaving only the question of whether the Libs still want to see just how much more damage she can do.

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