Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More obnoxious emissions

Greg Weston catches Rona Ambrose lying about the nature of past funding of international environmental projects. But the bigger issue (which Weston seems to miss as well) is why Ambrose and the Cons seem to want to pretend that Canada's environment is wholly detached from the rest of the world, rather than acknowledging that reduced emissions around the world do help us here at home.

Update: CTV reports that the Cons have admitted that Ambrose was wrong. While NDP MP Nathan Cullen agrees with commenter Steve V that Ambrose should be summoned back before the environment committee, I'm not so sure that the Ambrose's reappearance would serve any useful purpose - why allow her yet another chance in the spotlight to spread more misinformation? Better to tag every Ambrose story with "Ambrose, who has previously misled Parliament with her claim that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on international carbon credits...", and move on to somebody more credible.

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