Thursday, September 21, 2006

On both their houses

In the latest development in the Access to Information privacy breach scandal, the Cons have issued their usual implausible defence. Frankly they could have fairly realistically claimed that the policy was a remnant of Lib procedures - but the Cons had to go a step further in claiming that not a single one of the Cons' staffers involved read their e-mail such as to know that the violation occurred. Which sounds utterly ludicrous on its face - and opens up an equally significant issue about the Cons' non-responsiveness to the civil service if it's true.

Not that it seems the least bit unlikely that the policy existed under the Libs as well, particularly given their plain willingness to attack the Cons for doing precisely what they themselves did earlier. But that isn't a defence of the Cons so much as a sign of the rot in both parties - and a hint that it's time to look to somebody besides the Libs and Cons for a real change in government.

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