Saturday, July 29, 2006

Removing any doubt

Greg at Sinister Thoughts has already pointed out the possibility that the Cons' plan to deal only with particulate emissions rather than greenhouse gases may only have the effect of speeding up global warming. But it's worth noting that the reason for that effect also counteracts the solar variation theory which was supposed to be one of the last arguments trotted out to deny the greenhouse gas explanation for global warming. According to CTV's report, the solar radiation reaching Earth has in fact been headed steadily downward over the past few decades at the same time as the temperature has gone up - which should serve to utterly demolish any claim that increased radiation can explain the temperature increase.

Not that there should have been any reasonable doubt about the causes of global warming. And it's always safe to figure that those looking for a reason not to deal with reality will find a different excuse to ignore it. But it's all the more clear which side of the global warming issue has been based on valid science, and which has been based on demonstrably incorrect conjecture.

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