Friday, May 12, 2006

But it's different when we do it...

Jason Kenney last winter, when there was suspicion that income trust information may have leaked out via the Liberal government:
"So far, Mr. Goodale has been dismissive of these very troubling questions of insider information having been leaked from his office, refusing to answer questions," Kenney told reporters at the hastily-convened press briefing.

He asked Goodale whether anyone in his office knew of the policy change before it was announced, and whether anyone spoke to Bay Street traders. Kenney went on to demand that Goodale ask the RCMP to investigate the matter.
Jason Kenney now, when it's glaringly clear that information about the gun registry leaked out via the Conservative government:
Conservative MP Jason Kenney says the Tories want to find out if the leak came from the government, and then take any necessary action.

"An internal investigation has been launched to see if this information was leaked from a government source," Kenney told the Commons...

Later outside the Commons, Kenney said he did not believe the leak is a criminal matter.

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