Monday, January 02, 2006

Water, water everywhere

Manitoba's NDP government takes another step to keep the party on the leading edge of environmental responsibility - this time through a plan to both map and manage the province's water resources:
The Water Protection Act, which took effect New Year's Day, gives the provincial cabinet sweeping powers to limit or restrict any type of activity near sensitive rivers or lakes.

The law is part of a plan to map out water quality management zones across the province and determine what areas should be off-limits to industrial or other activities.

It's the first time Manitoba has taken a big-picture approach to water quality, said Water Stewardship Minister Steve Ashton.
I noted yesterday that the federal Libs have dropped the ball on both counts. But lest there be any doubt, the NDP (on both a provincial and national level) has once made clear that it alone among the major national parties recognizes the importance of Canada's water reserves. And NDP gains in the upcoming election are the only way to make sure that responsibility finds its way into federal action.

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