Saturday, November 05, 2005

Work to be done

For those looking for a truly worrisome poll result (and at least somewhat interested in local Regina politics), here it is:
A substantial majority of Regina residents believe Mayor Pat Fiacco is doing a good job, a new public opinion poll indicates.

Of 824 city residents surveyed, 70 per cent said they either approved or strongly approved of the way Fiacco is doing his job.

Only 12.8 per cent said they disapproved or strongly disapproved while another 17.2 per cent offered a somewhat neutral opinion.
This in the midst of an administration marked by a dogmatic determination to avoid tax increases even at the expense of necessary services, and just shortly after a strike where the city tried to claim that mandatory pension contributions were a raise to city workers.

The numbers are moving in the right direction from the even more ridiculously high approval ratings earlier in Fiacco's tenure. But there's a long way yet to go to try to restore any sense of balance to City Hall next year.

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