Saturday, October 29, 2005

Radio active

Word comes out that PMPM is going to start giving weekly radio addresses similar to those in the U.S.:
Faced with a daunting list of challenges, Prime Minister Paul Martin is taking a tip from his U.S. counterpart by delivering a weekly radio address to the country starting Sunday.

Unlike the American presidential broadcasts every Saturday, however, Mr. Martin's talks are considered commercials and the air time will be paid for by the Liberals, said party director Steven MacKinnon.
What the article doesn't mention is that in the U.S., the opposition party also gets air time to deliver a weekly message. Obviously the Liberal party won't be funding that in Canada, but the other two national parties should be eager to take the chance to speak directly to Canadians...not to mention get their issue of choice in the headlines for the week.

And whether or not the opposition parties follow suit with paid messages, it might be worth examining whether air time should be provided to all parties under the Broadcast Act. Of course, that might result in a bit more democratic discussion than the Libs are eager to see.

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