Monday, October 10, 2005

One more labour truce

The ugliest Canadian labour dispute this year has finally come to an end:
Telus Corp. has reached a settlement with its main union after a two-month-long work stoppage, paving the way for thousands of employees to return to work.

The Vancouver-based company announced Monday night that it had reached a memorandum of settlement with the Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU), which is recommending its members accept the five-year agreement...

The agreement announced Monday “provides Telus and its team members the flexibility to compete on a level playing field and maintain Telus' Canadian telecom leadership position in data, Internet Protocol, and wireless,” Telus said in a joint release with the TWU.

No word yet about the content of the agreement. There's no reason why the negotiations had to be based on the atmosphere of complete mistrust between Telus and its employees, and it looks like it'll take a good length of time to repair the damage. But at the very least Telus' workers will soon be back on the job.

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