Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On thinking through one's plans

As little confidence as I had when the Liberals' Kyoto plan was first announced, this makes the lack of organization look many times worse than before:
Almost half the members of a team working on a national emissions trading system quit, rather than transfer to Environment Canada from the Department of Natural Resources, officials at the two departments say...

The now-depleted team is responsible for securing the reduction of emissions from 700 companies in mining and manufacturing, oil and gas, and thermal electricity, which account for almost half of Canada's greenhouse emissions...

Howard Brown, assistant deputy minister of natural resources, who built the team over the past two years, is one of those not moving to Environment.

Those who quit the team included two co-leaders with the rank of director-general, and "four or five" experts at the officer level, said Mike Beale, a director general at Environment Canada who now is in charge of the effort. He said the team originally comprised "15 to 20" people.

Ah yes, nothing like a team loaded with inexperienced members to make sure a new policy works. Supposedly there's been bureaucratic infighting for some time over the departmental switch - but shouldn't somebody be paying attention and coordinating to make sure these sorts of mass resignations don't happen?

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