Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Learning lessons

It wasn't part of U.S. policy when it came to Iraq, but where North Korea is concerned sovereignty is assumed:
Six-party nuclear disarmament talks opened Tuesday after a 13-month boycott by North Korea, and the communist nation's envoy said his country was ready to work on eliminating atomic weapons from the Korean Peninsula....

North Korea agreed to return to the talks following a meeting earlier this month between Kim and the main U.S. envoy, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, who assured the North that Washington recognized its sovereignty.

On Tuesday, Hill repeated those pledges.

"We view (North Korea's) sovereignty as a matter of fact. The United States has absolutely no intention to invade or attack" North Korea, Hill said in his opening remarks.

It's great to see some progress being made. Funny how it's easier to make gains through diplomacy when there's actual conversation rather than a series of demands and threats.

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