Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting moving quickly

So maybe it won't take long for the border to re-open:
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Michael Johanns opened the border to Canadian cattle today hours after a federal appeals court dismissed arguments that imports could spread mad cow disease.
American officials have already been in contact with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to prepare to certify cattle for shipment, said Johanns.

The CP's article expresses concern about the upcoming hearing on the 27th. In light of today's ruling, though, there shouldn't be much at all to worry about there.

The court ruling today was at the level above Cebull, and it ruled that there was insufficent evidence to meet the criteria for a temporary injunction. Given this direct precedent on what was presumably the best evidence R-CALF could muster, it would take a bad joke of a ruling for Cebull to somehow conclude that a higher standard of evidence is met on the 27th to justify a permanent injunction.

So, it's good news all around for the Canadian cattle industry. And about time.

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