Monday, August 28, 2023

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Apoora Mandavilli writes that cleaner air is essential to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Elizabeth Hlavinka discusses the severe impact of long COVID on children and the lack of resources to treat it. And Helen McArdle reports that hundreds of Scottish hospital wards have been forced to close due to COVID-19 so far in 2023, while Sissi De Flaviis reports on yet another surge in COVID hospitalizations in Canada. 

- Oliver Milman reports on the likelihood that next year (and all foreseeable future years) will be even worse than this year for extreme heat, wildfires and other calamitous climate impacts. Matthew Rozsa writes about the uber-wealthy and connected "super-emitters" who are contributing disproportionately to a climate breakdown while seeking to cast blame on everybody else. Kaamil Ahmed discusses how rich countries are trying to trap poorer ones into using dirty energy. And the Yale School of the Environment points out the Canadian oil sector's plans to increase how much pollution gets dumped into an already-precarious atmosphere, while Sarah Cox investigates how Canadian taxpayers are subsidizing both fossil fuel expansion and obscene corporate profits.  

- Meanwhile, Colin McCarter and Mike Waddington discuss how wetlands are already becoming carbon time bombs, while Daniel Grossman writes about the similar effect in the Amazon rainforest. 

- Josh Funk reports on the demand by U.S. railroads that a safety hotline serve primarily to allow them to punish workers who dare to report issues. 

- Colette Derworiz writes about the lack of available housing for university students. And Sawdah Bhaimiya reports on New York City's initiative to turn empty office space into homes, rather than pretending that the construction of expensive, sprawling suburbs is any solution to a housing crisis. 

- Finally, the Canadian Press examines how under Pierre Poilievre, the Cons have abandoned even the slightest nod to reality and become a vessel for the most deranged of conspiracy theories. 

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