Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Dave Yasvinski reports on the growing recognition that repeated COVID infections increase the likelihood of severe illness and death. And John Lorinc discusses how the ongoing pandemic should be pushing us toward a long-overdue focus on improving indoor air quality. 

- Sheila Block points out that the Ford PCs are underestimating revenue in order to avoid putting public money toward anything that would help Ontarians. John Michael McGrath writes that even the few sops to social benefits are being set up to both invest and accomplish as little as possible. And Isaac Callan and Colin D'Mello expose how Health Minister Sheila Jones has specifically rejected plans which would have provided assurances that health care won't be privatized. 

- Alex Boutillier reports on the 's conclusion that Canada's military is ill-equipped to identify and address white nationalism within its ranks. And Dan Zakreski reports on the escalation from online threats to real-world arson against Caitlin Erickson for her efforts to expose abuse at the Saskatchewan Party's pet religious schools. 

- Finally, David Sirota writes that Josh Shapiro's successful run for governor of Pennsylvania offers an example of how progressive leaders are more successful running against villains rather than running away from conflict. 

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